How I’m Making Our Quarantine Productive and Enjoyable

It seems hard to believe how much the world has changed in the last two weeks.

The Governor of New York has asked New Yorkers to not take part in any non-essential activities, and to stay home and away from other people as much as possible. This means we are effectively quarantined at home, and I’m not dreading the next few weeks. Things could be much worse than being asked to stay home with my family.   

After a crazy past week, things should settle into a routine. The teachers spent last week scrambling to put into place a distance learning plan, so the kids are beginning school remotely again.

I’m determined to use this time wisely and productively.

There is no way I will ever be a Netflix and Chill kind of guy, and I have to ask my wife or my daughter how to even turn on the TV.

Here are ten things I’m doing during this unexpected time home:

Write at a minimum 2000 words a day. I’m working on a few different projects, and this will provide me the opportunity to spend more time writing.

Work on a new language. I’m currently working through Pimsleur Spanish. I’m on Day 3 and enjoying the way the material is presented. It’s time to learn a new language! Thanks to those who voted on my Twitter poll and helped me choose Spanish.

Reading Classics I haven’t yet read. I’m currently reading Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Next up is Orwell’s 1984. While I have read 1984 in the past, it was many years ago and, besides, I think it’s a lot more relevant now than it was a few weeks ago.

Finish audiobooks I’ve been working on for a while. I am currently listening to Sex at Dawn and I Am Dynamite (a biography of Nietzsche). It’s time to finish them.  

Hike in the woods with the kids. My kids are growing up as urban/suburban kids. We are going to change that by hiking many miles of nearby trails.

Continue  my daily meditation practice and increase the time for each session. This has been going well since the New Year, and I am going to continue.

Lift weights in the basement. It doesn’t have close to the variety of equipment I have in the gym, but that’s not an excuse. It’s time to get creative and not let my workouts suffer.

Yard work. We have been putting off some cleanup of our backyard for too long. Now is the time to do it.

Schedule an hour each day with my wife to just talk. I described a good way to spark conversation here. I enjoy our talks and we are going to have them every day.

Continue to wake up early.  I like to wake up before the rest of the house stirs so I can spend it alone planning and thinking through plans. I can’t let this slip.  

Although we are living in a weird new world filled with uncertainty, if we use this time wisely we will look back on it as a time of productivity and increased closeness with our loved ones.

I am determined to make that happen.