Husband | Father of Three

Welcome to The Strong Male.I’m Chris, a husband, a father of three, a writer, and an astute observer of culture. I’m an entrepreneur, a personal trainer, and a storyteller.I have a law degree and extensive experience in politics, government, public relations, and all areas of communications.I’m dedicated to sharing insights that will help men become better husbands, fathers, business-owners, communicators, and leaders.I believe all men should strive to be a Vir Fortis, a strong man, who is properly balanced in mind, body, and spirit, and I provide actionable strategies to improve all three.At my core, I’m a regular guy who has experienced ups and downs, and failures and successes; and these experiences have provided me with unique perspectives on masculinity in the 21st Century.No topics are off limits.   Take a look around and contact me if you believe I can help.

I write about masculinity and share my experience becoming a better man, husband, and father.